Erel Segal-Halevi - Academic Homepage

I am a researcher currently “between affiliations”. At 2016-12-31 I submitted my Ph.D. thesis to the Bar-Ilan University Computer-Science Department, where my advisors were Prof. Yonatan Aumann and Prof. Avinatan Hassidim. Currently I am visiting the Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality and having a great time working with wonderful people on various research projects.

My research interests are diverse and range from theory to practice. Currently I do research in computational economics (fairness, auctions and game theory). In the past I did research in natural language processing (English negotiation and Hebrew morphology). The inspiration to research these diverse topics comes from the Bible.

For some open questions I find particularly interesting, see my wishlist.

In addition to research, I have many years of experience programming in various languages.

My wife and I on the Temple Mount, 2017-07-27