Except for one questionable entry (Deu 28:39) the word - gather appear only in the Book of Proverbs (Pro 6:8; 10:5).

Now we read in this book:
, ; , .
Open your eyes and you shall have bread in plenty.
It is bad, it is bad, said the buyer; but when he is gone his way, then he boasts (Pro 20:13-14).

The English translation of these verses turned them to meaningless words. These verses have been completely deleted from the Greek translation. However, if (ra ra) is a letter-deletion of (rav ra) - starvation is bad then logic suggests that (veazal) is a letter-substitution error of (veagar) - and he gathered. This suggestion assumes that here in addition to a (r) - (l) exchange a (g) letter was substituted by a (z). If this suggestion is correct, then this would be the third entry of the word - gather in the Book of Proverbs.